Month: December 2018

Can I get a loan? We answer!

Lenders do not easily grant a loan. It is not always clear to people whether they are eligible for a loan. Ask yourself also the question: ” Can I get

Cost of the mortgage loan

If you purchase a property, it is financed with a mortgage loan. The interest rate of this loan is very advantageous. This form of borrowing does entail a number of

Comparing JKP from a personal loan

In this article we will discuss the annual percentage rate or APR of a personal loan . Borrowing money also costs money. That is clear to most of us. In

Comparing the interest rate of loans? The best rates.

There are many possibilities for those who want to borrow money . Do you want to compare the interest rate of loans? People sometimes ask us why the interest rates

Mortgage loan and home bonus from 2015

There was a lot to do in the second half of 2014 about the housing bonus that the government offers to buyers of their own home. In short: after the

Let mortgage loan revise – costs and conditions

More and more people want to have their mortgage loan revised. The interest rates have dropped for a long time. This put a large number of consumers on the hunt

How many credit requests can I make to borrow money?

You want to borrow money and are therefore looking for the right loan. People compare different banks and different credit providers. There is, of course, nothing wrong with that. But

Cheap Personal Loan

Are you looking for a cheap personal loan. Every form of borrowing gives its own characteristics. It is important to find a cheap personal loan that also fits seamlessly with

Refused at the bank – can I get a loan?

You have submitted a loan application but you have been refused at the bank? There are other options for borrowing money. What is possible and what does not depends of

Borrow money? All loans can be requested online here.

On this website you will find a lot of interesting information regarding money borrowing in belgium . There are a lot of expenses that can not be paid in cash